The “Be Activated” system is the pioneering work of South African surfer Douglas Heel.

Be Activated

Get Activated “Be Activated” Stay Activated

“Be Activated” – Neuro-Muscular Activation is a quantum leap forward in the world of bodywork. It is a hugely useful tool for injury treatment and performance enhancement, and it can clear chronic pain along with long-term movement issues.

The results are remarkable

It works for everyone, not just athletes

“What is in the body, is in the mind. What is in the mind is in the body.”

Be Activated

When we do the right thing, the body responds immediately.

Why Activate?

We start with the understanding that the body has two primary functions: to breathe and to move.
The relentless exposure to the stresses and challenges of day-to-day living has profound effects on our neurological system. This in turn has a major effect on our physiological system. The way our body works, and how it feels, changes.

We are in a sympathetic, survival state, not a parasympathetic, performance state, and we don’t know. We develop compensation patterns.

These compensation patterns create vulnerabilities. Aches, pains, and noncontact injuries develop, often for no apparent reason. Performance is reduced, our lives are affected.

Be Activated

What is Activation?

Be Activated is a hands-on system of touch and manipulation, working in sequence in specific areas of the body.

We start each session with simple muscle resistance and flexibility testing. This assessment gives us a clear idea of how the body is working before any intervention. At this point, even performance athletes are usually surprised to see how poorly their body is functioning. Confusion is common.

The Activation process itself follows. We start with the breath. For many, this changes everything. The lights start to go on.

We move through the body in a definite order, activating and retesting as we go. An Activated body will quickly change from a state of tension and pain to a strong, relaxed state of performance. We are testing and working on a nervous system level. This is truly interesting work.

Over a few sessions, we will work through the full sequence. Additionally, I will demonstrate the self-activation RPR techniques in order for you to maintain the work we have done.

Be Activated

I am always interested in working with local gyms and sports clubs. Please contact me if you’d like a demonstration of this work at your club.

 “John’s treatments are transformational!” 


The “Be Activated” system is the pioneering work of South African surfer Douglas Heel. 

I have been working with the “Be Activated” system since 2018.

It has changed my life.

John Stephens

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